When you join us in Pittsburgh, you’ll meet with operations executives like you, find best-in-class solutions & innovations for your business, train your team and discover ways to manage costs effectively.

Network with other operations executives in ways that promote idea exchanges but protects your privacy in our Senior Executive Forum. You’ll meet with fellow executives like the following past attendees:

  • CFO/COO, Donna Saylers Fabulous Furs
  • Chief Fulfillment Officer, Crutchfield
  • Chief Online Officer, Good Nutrition
  • Co-Founder, Collecting Warehouse
  • Co-Founder, Uncommon Goods
  • Executive VP, Holland Manufacturing
  • President, Collecting Warehouse
  • President, Ecommerce, Hobby Lobby
  • Senior VP, Distribution & Logistics, Stage Stores
  • SVP, Store Operations, Express
  • SVP, Digital Fulfillment, Hudsons Bay
  • US Head of Operations, Medela
  • VP Operations, Carolina Biological Supply
  • Vice President, Operations, Elk Run
  • Vice President, Operations, iherb
  • Vice President, Distribution Services, Ann Taylor
  • Vice President, Global Supply Chain, SOG Specialty Knives & Tools
  • Vice President of Operations and Facilities, Plow & Hearth
  • VP, Operations, Design Toscano
  • VP, ecommerce, HEB Grocery

Get answers to your largest O&F obstacles—things like

  • A lack of expertise
  • Lack of technology
  • Inability to measure results
  • Budget
  • Cross border growth

Here’s what fellow executives say about Operations Summit:

Gough Grubbs, SVP Distribution & Logistics, Stage Stores: It’s been terrific, it’s been very enlightening, getting to talk to people who actually do it, as opposed to just reading about it, is a real experience.
Erik Caldwell, SVP Logistics & Supply Chain, Hudson’s Bay: It went really well this year. Again, I like this because it’s more intimate, you get to know people when you see them every year, it’s also a chance for us to meet with multiple suppliers in one place, which is a really fantastic thing, because typically we have a lot of meetings throughout the year, so to have five, seven, ten suppliers in one place makes it a lot easier.
Rob Krieger, President, Checker Distributors: It’s went very well, we picked up a number of ideas, thoughts, we’ve seen the new technologies and we’re investing in it because we really believe in what you’re doing here with the Ops Summit. We were here last year at Louisville and put about 2 million bucks into new processes and we’ll keep on going.